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Cronjob Configuration

Basic Cronjob

The basic cronjob should run at least once a day and is used in order to activate automated tasks like recurring invoices (subscriptions) and automatic database backup. Please refer to your web host providers FAQ in order to find out how to set up a cronjob/crontab (if your hosting package includes cronjobs).

The command should look like this:

wget /dev/null 2>&1

Your hosting package does not include cronjob/crontab? No problem! There are many websites that offer free cronjob services. One of them is

Email Ticket Cronjob

The email ticket cronjob should run every 10 minutes and is used in order to activate email tickets.

The command should look like this (you can find your cronjob command in Settings->Ticket->Postmaster cronjob link): 

wget /dev/null 2>&1

How to set up a cronjob in Plesk

If your web server is running Plesk you can check out the following instruction:

1. Go to Tools and Settings -> Scheduled Tasks  

2. Click on Add New Task  

3. Enter all the details like on the screen-shot below. Important - change the Cronjob link (Command) to your personal one. You can find it in Freelance Cockpit 2 under Settings -> Cronjob Note that you have to enter "wget" in front of the command link.  

How to set up a cronjob in cPanel

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