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Step 1

Connect to your web server using any FTP program (ie. FileZilla) or the web-interface of your web-host and upload all files and folders which are inside the "FC2 Application" folder from the .zip file you have downloaded from Codecanyon. If you like to install Freelance Cockpit 2 on your local computer using WAMP, make sure you first read  Local Server Installation.

Step 2

The folder "files" and it's sub folders must have write permissions, so give the folder write permissions (777).

Step 3

Open your web browser and enter your domain plus "/install" i.e.

Step 4

Your System will now be checked. If your server meets all requirements, go ahead to the next step. If you have warning messages go to  System Check Warnings.

Step 5

Now you need to enter your item purchase code. Click on the blue icon to get an idea where you can find your item purchase code.

Step 6

Enter your MYSQL configuration. If the database you have entered does not exist, the system will automatically try to create it. This might not work if your web-host does not allow to create new databases. Please use an existing database in this case or create a new database using the web interface of your hosing provider.

Step 7

If the database connection was successful, you can click on next in order to finish the installation.

Step 8

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Freelance Cockpit. Click on the Go to Login button and login with the default credentials. Do not forget to change your password!

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